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Jainex Group started in early 70’s as a business of Hire and Purchasing With the course of time Jainex became one of the pioneers in the field of logistics / Transportation of four wheelers, Petroleum Products etc. for various Blue Chip Companies viz; Maruti Suzuki India Ltd, Tata Motors and Indian Oil Corporation with operation spread all over the country.

Today Jainex has over 100 fleets in operations and they are planning to add another 50 fleets. Jainex services have even reached the remote areas. Jainex Group has diversified in various services like sales, installation, hire of cranes etc.

Some of the rich clientele of Jainex includes the refineries, petro chemical industries and various cement companies. Apart from the dedicated and efficient managers, various consultants and advisors are providing their experienced knowledge and services to take the company to new heights. Jainex is known for the quality, commitment and efficiency of their services in ODC transportation for India.

JAINEX GROUP started with the mission of providing international standard of services to clientele imbibing the same sprint of future centric approach, we envision ourselves as niche providers of Logistics Services across the continent.

Not only does the Jainex Group offer a wealth of technical knowledge and high grade heavy equipment vehicles, it boasts a team of competent professionals who have the industry experience to ensure the success of their clients' business ventures.

Management Style

JAINEX GROUP  is characterised by the unique professionalism percolating inside the company. The remarkable growth of the company is mainly attributable to the firm believe of the management to true professionalism. In JAINEX freedom, responsibility and accountability are not to be earned , but these are given to its professional at the time of induction to the company . By virtue of its flatness in the organisational structure, CEO’s cabin is also accessible to the floor level employees. This type of management style given shape a unique organisational culture to the company, that infuses the sense of belongingness among all employees. JAINEX recognizes and respects individual differences. The respect for individual stems from the following three points: Initiative, Equality ,Trust .It is the contribution from each individual in the company that has made our company what it is today and that, which will take us into the future.

Vision and Mission and objective of Management

Company’s Vision :

Quality Solutions
Product / service differentiation for unique identity & client’s delight.

Company’s Mission:

Leadership through the concept of creative teams and innovative techniques seeking to provide optimum & unique solutions to enable the clients maximize the value for their resources.

Company’s Objectives:

To provide efficient, latest, state-of-the-art, value added product & services with a vivid and conspicuous vision by seeking, recognizing, assessing, associating and pursuing technical strategic alliances with the best global expertise & leader to meet the challenges of the complex client’s requirements.