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The Jainex Group are known leaders in the field of the hire and operation of cranes, automotive logistics and ODC transportation for India.

Since commencing operation in the early 70s, the Jainex Group has successfully grown to dominate the trade in Financing & Investments, Carrying and Distribution and C& F Trade of the North East region.

Of late, the Group has even diversified into other trades  and is quickly making inroads in these areas too.


Our Values

In the business world of constant change, we ensure that our principles and values remain uncompromised– they are our strength, our spirit and the guiding light for our way forward. As we grow and add on new employees in different geographies it becomes even more important to spell out our values so that they are at the heart of our daily activities.

Excellence: We are on a continuous journey of improvement and are committed to better what is perceived to be the best. We are never complacent but always competitive as we create new benchmarks in operational efficiencies and redefine standards of quality and cost effectiveness.

Customer Focus: We have built enduring and trustworthy relationships with our customers over the decades by understanding their needs and surpassing their expectations in the areas of quality, service and pricing.

Innovation: Our solutions have to be more advanced and different as the demand today is for out of the box thinking in every area of activity. Exploring new avenues and providing more creative answers give us the competitive edge over our competitors all the time.

Integrity:Total honesty, transparency and accountability are virtues deeply embedded in all our activities. These values have earned credibility for the company and loyalty from its stakeholders.

Team Spirit: None of us is as good as all of us together. When we work in synergy complementing each other in a spirit of partnership, our strengths are not added but multiplied resulting in optimum output.

Respect: We respect every individual for his uniqueness and abilities and treat all our stakeholders with fairness and empathy .We comply with local laws in every country and respect diverse cultures.

Our Strength: Our Employees.