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choose the right crane based on your project

How to choose the right crane based on your project ?

If we closely look at the construction projects, all of them require the lifting, hauling or transportation of heavy goods. This is the reason why cranes play a major role at construction sites and other development projects.

Deciding which crane is best for your objective can be a big task, as the range of options are limitless. You need to be spot on while choosing the right crane based on your project. You must consider certain factors before finalizing the crane for your project. Consider the duration of project, size and weight of the material to be lifted, conditions of the construction site and how the equipment needs to be transported. These factors must be taken into consideration before you finalize the crane for your project.

Duration of the job and size & weight of the material to be lifted

The Duration of the job and size & weight of the material to be lifted

You should know that different cranes have different specifications, functionalities and capabilities. Having a good understanding of what your project requires from a crane will help you select the equipment that will best meet your project demand and will quickly narrow down your options.

To understand the capabilities of crane you are planning to rent or purchase, it is recommended to contact your local Maxim crane specialist for any assistance.

They won’t charge you for this service and help you size the crane best suited for your project. The Maxim rep will help you review different Load charts to understand the capabilities of cranes, its structural strengths and dimensions. Load charts will provide detail on vital features of the crane such as the Rate Capacity (gross weight of the crane to lift at a given radius) and boom length.

While choosing the right crane, the crane hook block and ball as well as all rigging/cable should be deducted from the gross capacity to arrive at the safest crane for a project.

Apart from this, the manufacturers charts will give you detailed and exact specification and dimensions of the machine. You can calculate the maximum lift within any given radius using these graphs. Getting the things right will help you avoid choosing a crane with little capacity and will ensure the selected crane fits your project requirements.

How the equipment will be transported ?

This question might be overlooked initially, however, it’s the most important consideration. The cranes can be broadly classified as Mobile, Tower, Rough Terrain, all with different transportation methods.

The permissions for city and state are the major factors in the transportation of cranes or heavy equipment. The permit routing might take the crane in what would seem like an indirect route. It is done in order to avoid a low clearance or low capacity bridge or roadway that is not suffice for larger loads. It avoids accidents or traffic issues such as road construction.

Conditions of the Construction Site

Conditions of the Construction Site

The terrain and condition of the construction site is another critical factor that can impact your decision of choosing the crane. You must understand the weather conditions, spatial constraints and ground conditions of your site. This gives you a great insight into which equipment can help you meet the objectives of your project with efficiency.

For example: The rough terrain cranes are best suited for off-road construction sites as they are nicely equipped to deal with complex ground conditions as compared to the terrain cranes. The mobility you require will dictate the type of equipment needed. For an instance, if a project requires flexibility and precise delivery in right spaces, a mini crane can be an ideal choice for you.

The Bottom Line

The popularity and demand for the cranes is increasing day by day. It is because of the fact that the cranes can work beyond the capacity of humans. They provide hassle-free services to most of the construction sector owners and hence can be used by small-scale and large-scale companies for lifting needs. However, you need to be spot on when it comes to selection of the crane. Go through your requirements and choose the crane according to your needs and type of work.

How Jainex Group can help choosing the right crane for your project?

If you are looking to hire a crane, Jainex Group can help you choose the right crane for your project. It offers 100+ heavy-duty machines with capacities ranging from 40 MT to 300 MT for renting purpose. You can rent superior quality cranes by top heavy machine manufacturers such as Demag, Grove and Hydra at Jainex. Its services are available in the major metropolitan cities including Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Bengaluru and a few cities of North-Eastern states of India (Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Tripura, Nagaland and West Bengal).