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"Jainex" started its business from North-East India in hiring, purchasing and financing vehicles. After rising manifolds in these businesses, "Jainex" later emerged as (turned into) “Jainex Group” with several other business units and concerns. Among them the one sister concern that has made the brand name noticeably visible in the market is Jainex Pariwahan Private Limited, which deals with crane, automotive logistics and transportation services. In incredibly less time Jainex became the ace in the market of crane rental services with its superb and unparallel quality of hiring services. 

Jainex Group’s 'Jainex Pariwahan Private Limited' embarked into the business of crane rental service more than a decade ago. Since then it has consistently enlarged the number of hiring services, whilst maintaining the same level quality. Apart from cranes, Logistics/Transportation of four wheelers, petroleum products etc. have also been additional services that it first became renowned for.

Jainex started its crane rental services in North-East India, a fairly remote area with weak transportation network. Still it has managed to provide cranes on rent to distant places of this zone. In addition to its efforts, it has also diversified required network to ease down the accessibility to entire North-East zone, like Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Tripura, West Bengal and even Bhutan regions. 

After leaving a remarkable impression on North-East Zone crane hiring market, Jainex Group increased its reach to other corners of India as well. At present, its services can be availed from anywhere in the country. While Jainex Group is increasing its territory in India, it ensures that a thorough check is done to confirm proper functionality of crane before they are hired. Even if any breakdown is encountered during the hiring period, the company provides a team of professional mechanics for repairing. Hence, it has always managed to maintain its quality of delivering damage free goods in stipulated time. The company’s full dedication and commitment to satisfy customers have bagged them many awards by its clients in several occasions in last decade. No wonder why Jainex Group is one of the most sought after crane rental companies in entire country. 

Jainex Groups has extended its variety in services over a course of time. Apart from crane rental services, Jainex Group is also involved in automotive logistic business, LPG carriers and ODC transportation. With more than 50 cranes, 200 trailers, 45 LPG carriers, 50 ODC carriers and consistently increasing fleet size, Jainex has succeeded in placing itself at the top of the carriage services and become one of the renowned crane rental companies in India.

Many leading companies are loyal customers of Jainex, such as, Maruti Suzuki, Tata Motors and General Motors, which are hiring automotive logistic services to move cars and their other vehicle products in North-East zone. Similarly, Indian Oil Corporation Limited (Assam Oil Division) and IOCL-MD (Marketing Division) are other happier customers to rent LPG carrier services from Jainex Group.

Jainex Group, with a huge fleet of latest cranes is offering a complete solution to every work area dealing with lifting and transportation of bulky objects or a huge number of objects, be it construction, industry, refinery, or seaport.

We are providing cranes on rent, which can be availed in any make and model from anywhere in India.

The Jainex Group offers a range of diverse services in the field of Automotive Logistics, from the sales and installation, to the hire and service of heavy equipment vehicles and ODC transportation.

Cutting edge carriers and dedicated customer service give Jainex the definite edge over other Indian heavy equipment companies and guarantee the satisfaction of their clients.

The Jainex Group offers hire and operational services for LPG Carriers, providing  forty five fleets of ODC transportation vehicles to dozens of companies across all of India.

Jainex LPG carriers arm has a rich clientele including the Indian OIl Corporation Limited (IOCL) , Assam Oil Division and Marketing Division to name a few.

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