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March 2011 News

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The Jainex Group has recently diversified into the field of sales, installation, service and hiring of industrial heavy equipment vehicles in North East states, Assam and West Bengal including cranes in Tripura
Added added 22/03/2011
Jainex have just purchased a brand new fleet of All Terrain and Hydraulic Truck Mounted cranes which are available for hire and long-term lease. Jainex now supplies cranes in North East states, cranes in Guwaha
Added added 21/03/2011
The Jainex Group's heavy equipment vehicles are at the forefront of industry standards to meet the demands of their clients which include rig sites, refineries and industrial houses such as Century Resources, A
Added added 15/03/2011
Jainex Group's team of expert advisors and consultants are available to assist clients in selecting the right equipment and guarantee the organisation and smooth operation of all manner of industrial ODC trans
Added added 02/03/2011